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Award Redemption Redeeming Chase Point to Asia with ANA?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Jonamon, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Jonamon

    Jonamon New Member

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    I have roughly 250,000 Chase UR points and I want to send my parents to Asia for their 30th anniversary on First class or at least Biz from SFO to a big city in Asia i.e. Hongkong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. I am still very new to this game so I am hoping to gain some insight on the best ways to maximize my Chase points.

    I have read that ANA has a very solid first class from the Bay Area airports, like SFO, SJC. Also I know that the best way to redeem the points is through Virgin Atlantic, but those are the limits of my knowledge.

    My questions are as follow:
    - If my parents were to fly RT from SFO to HKG/CAN how many points would it take or First? On Business? (Lowest possible way of course haha)
    - If award on ANA, would the itinerary be the same classes of service all the way? How can I make sure that it is, at least First transpacific and Biz within Asia
    - What is the best way to search for award availability if they want two seats together?

    - If not ANA, what other airlines do you recommend?

    Thank you all very much for help, even though I know that it is a lot of questions!!
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