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primera air from canada

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Ned, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Ned

    Ned Reader

    Hello, last week Travelweek posted the article about Primera Air :

    I am scheduled to travel with them on Toronto-Paris route on July 22. Their website still shows Airbus A321 rather than B767 from EuroAtlantic on their first flight next Friday as well as for my travel date.
    I contacted them twice and I still have not heard from them.
    I booked this flight in January particularly to experience this new aircraft, and I dont feel comfortable flying on a different aircraft that i dont know how old it is.
    Also the fact that they start this route next Friday, and still show their new aircraft makes me feel very uneasy about this whole issue.
    Any additional information or suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated.
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  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    Hi Ned, are you hoping to fly the A321neo or the 767? If the 767, it looks like it is being leased from EuroWings, who have a great track record and seemingly nice planes!