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Credit Cards OTA coding of airline ticket bookings

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Glenn, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Glenn

    Glenn New Member

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    Referencing this blog post:

    Using, it's often that we see OTA airline ticket pricing lower (sometimes just a little, sometimes significantly) than booking direct. However, I think it is important to distinguish which OTAs actually charge your card directly, and which OTAs submit your credit card information to the airlines such that the charge comes directly from the airlines, especially for those paying with Amex platinum (extra 4x) or PRG (extra 2x).

    Below are my recent data points. Will be great if we could create a list.

    OTA charges card directly: (used this for the Air NZ mistake fare that was not to be) (used this for Qatar Airways 2-for-1 sale SOF-PVG rt in J) - got burnt with this one; OTA was $2203 vs direct $2263, lost out on ~9000 MR but saved $60

    Charged by the airline: (used this for Avianca JFK-LIM rt in J) (used this for Emirates SIN-JFK rt in Y)
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