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Level not anymore partner of Iberia Plus ?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Saf, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. Saf

    Saf Reader

    HEY !

    I booked a round trip ticket Paris - Montreal in December 2017 with the company LEVEL. 200 € round trip for this September 2018. A very good offer for my family. At the time of booking I even read that Iberia Plus members could earn Avios. 10% of the distance, but it's always good to take.

    On the official website of Level, it was clearly stated that only Iberia Plus members could accumulate Avios. But that the benefits related to the status of the member was not applicable.

    Unfortunately the website of Level no longer indicates this information in the FAQ. I called Level customer service, the operator told me that Level flights did not earn Avios. In his answer, it's like Level never did it.

    On the Iberia website, Level is present, there are avios charts for Level flights. How to accumulate, spend and upgrade.

    I called Iberia customer service, the operator told me that Level had been bought. Level no longer belongs to Iberia.

    I have been looking for Level flights from Paris with Iberia Plus, they do not appear. I only see British Airways flights.

    I was very interested in the upgrade option. From the economy to the premium. The Iberia website says 10 500 Avios for Band 6. without rectrictions mentionned . I think Paris Montreal is Band 5. I was hoping for an Upgrade for 8000 avios?

    I again called Level customer service and then Iberia customer service. Both services seem very confused to answer my request…

    Do you have more informations ?

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