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Award Redemption Is a oneworld airline the best to optimise points accrual?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Kobayashi, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Kobayashi

    Kobayashi New Member

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    Dear Lucky/Team

    my first ever post ( total lifetime FF points awarded to date =NIL.)

    I hope to find out which carrier to begin my slow climb uphill on my ff points journey.

    Finally,i have a fair bit of travel to do- in the next 6 years ( between asia-middle east -africa-oceania-europe)

    i have tried to glean my novice info as best i can -to minimise my questioning of you all.
    from what ive gathered from my next trip in dec is the following ;- but i might be wholly inaccurate-sorry.
    To give you my current location base is Vietnam- i will be travelling to these places (2017-2023)
    'locally ill be taking small trips e.g SIN/KUL/Nrt/HKG.

    i have question in 2 parts for my trip this dec ,
    it's Sgn-Hkg-Jnb-Dur return .econ. ( using CX SAA-CX ) i correct in thinking that using oneworld partners and joining Latam would be the best accumulation configuration or other ,based on my future useage locations? ( p.s not much in the way of US travel im afraid)

    Within the last 10 months i have flown ; lon-hkg-sgn one way .plus sgn-hkg return.( all on econ/CX) I never applied for any program so ...

    2. would i be able to ask CX for these back points-is that doable or time limited also if Latam is the best card to load points, then would they credit it ?or there's a better option?

    i hope this isn't too much of a query and thanks to you all here in helping other newbies!
    cheers and look forward to hearing back !
    It might be small potatoes in reality but it would be a treat to at least go one good trip on a really good fare class- well,ive gotta start somewhere haven't i ?:)
  2. freshthoughts

    freshthoughts New Member

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    Seeing as your based in Asia, it would probably be best to join Cathay pacific and use Asia miles, also its not hard to find credit cards that accrue Asia miles as well.

    to answer your second question probably, this article outlines the process well. just copy and paste that in to google

    not sure why you would want to use Latam, seems a bit obscure for some one based in Asia as it would probably prevent you from getting elite status due to airlines favouring you flying on their own flights
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  3. Kobayashi

    Kobayashi New Member

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    Thanks very much for your post! <)
    it was just that CX are only doing the ferrying to SGN-HKG and back.

    The long distance is with SAA (hkg-Dur)return which is Star Alliance member.

    I looked on the Marco Polo mileage chart and i'd get 10 points for each leg -so a meagre start.
    When i went to the mileage website wheretocredit via latam would award 18,000 miles worth so thats why i revealed.

    Do note im a 55 year old rookie so it's all a new game to me.
    so that's why i postedit isnt very clear as yet to me how you do this as spreading around points only dilutes your future value ?
    do let me know your thoughts - i earnestly welcome !