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I thought Air New Zealand Business Class was highly rated

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Dr M S Robertson, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. Oh the disappointment. Even Flight Centre raved about the trip I was about to make SYD-HNL J class with a paid ticket.
    It is a personal matter what we all think of the herringbone seats but in 3K and waiting for a glass of champagne from the forward service I was by passed when the crew member recognised a friend in 4K and served him before heading on down the plane. I waited a while assuming they might have seen me without a drink but had to tap a passing arm. BTW...what is the champagne being served to which he had to go back to the galley to find out despite having poured a number of glasses already. My glass arrived and I was told it was LP which I had to believe as no bottle was shown to me. Next my choice of meal wasn't available (OK this happens) and the breakfast omelette was smothered in congealed goo, two soggy bits of potato and tinned mushroom in another sludge of a gravy. Tell me I just got unlucky because I'm not looking forward to the return trip
  2. Alexander Favero

    Alexander Favero New Member

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    Yeah, I have suffered inconsistent service on Air New Zealand as well. Most of the time I find the crew to be fine, but sometimes... gee... They are less than attentive. I have taken the jump from AKL - LAX maybe 6 times and I have never had a bad crew on that leg. It appears that they put the less desirables on the SYD - AKL legs.

    I hope your return flight is better!