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Does Korean have married segment availability?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by LAK, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. LAK

    LAK Reader

    Looking to book SYD-ICN-SFO award. Both segments show availability, but it gives an error when trying to book it as SYD to SFO or when using multi-city.

    Can phone agents navigate this issue? Any magic words to use?
  2. lkar

    lkar New Member

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    So, just following up on my own post here. (Sorry, I posted without logging in.). This phenomenon only seems to be showing up for 2019 bookings, which just opened up. So, if you look at 1/1/19, you can see SYD-ICN and ICN-SFO, but it won't let you look at SYD-SFO. But if you search the same on 12/30/18 it is no problem.

    I wonder if the system is imposing some weird MCT or routing restriction for 2019. I'm mostly just playing around with it now to get a sense of availability for a 2019 booking that is not open yet.
  3. lkar

    lkar New Member

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    I thought I would follow up on this, because I called Korean and their response was interesting. To back up a bit, I've been looking for 4 tickets from OZ back to the USA in January next year and given that holiday travel is difficult for 4, I've been looking a year ahead. I found availability from SYD-ICN and from ICN-SFO, but it would not let me book SYD-SFO searching either as a one-way or multi-segment. I called and Korean let me put the trip on hold, for 30 days, but after a long hold told me that Oceana to North American mileage requirements for 2019 have not yet been "fixed," so they would let me hold but could not yet tell me what the mileage requirement or taxes would be. The agent said that this should be decided "within two weeks" and I could call then to get the information -- he also said that in the event it was not yet decided before the expiration of my hold, they would extend the hold.

    I don't know whether this means a potential 2019 devaluation is coming, or whether this is just an IT thing that they need to load into the computers. I asked, "so you mean it could be more than 97,500 miles per ticket"? And he said, "yes". Doing some searching on other itineraries in 2019, it seems like the only USA routes that are affected right now -- I did test searches for example from SIN and MLE to test southeast and southwest asia to USA and both priced correctly for J (75k and 85k respectively).

    But when you try to search AKL to USA it won't show or price -- the individual segments (SYD-ICN and ICN-LAX) price at the current rate (62.5k).

    One other things concerns me a bit -- that perhaps they are reconsidering peak travel dates for 2019. If this happens, it would really screw me, because I can't afford for them to extend the peak dates into January.
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  4. Gaurav

    Gaurav Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for the report, good to know!