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BA Avios Award routing goof up..

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by KRISHNAKUMAR, Jun 29, 2018.



    Hi, I wanted to book MEX- BOM sector using Avios for my wife and daughter. I was getting MEX-LHR-BOM routing on BA.. but taxes and miles requirement was too high. I called up BA Executive Club in Delhi and told him to book MEX-MAD-LHR- BOM. The connection on MEX-MAD is on Iberia Business and MAD-LHR-BOM on ClubEurope/ BA First. The agent said that he will have to prepare 2 different reservations. MEX-MAD on one and MAD-LHR-BOM on a separate one. I decided to book it online and after making the bookings called up BA again to link the 2 bookings so that I can through check in our luggage up to BOM. I was stumped when the BA agent told me that he cannot link the 2 bookings since they are on 2 different airlines ( Even if ticketed by BA) and that my wife will have to collect and re check in baggage at MADRID. I was shocked because this meant that being an Indian Citizen she will have to apply for a schengen visa just for collecting the bags???. I explained to the agent that One World partner airline allow through check in etc.etc. His response was non committal. He said please request at the check in counter..they should be able to help you. I am confused.. what should I do..?? Any suggestions?
  2. David W

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    He's not wrong. Oneworld changed their policy a couple of years ago regarding thru-checked bags on separate tickets where they dont have to thru-check bags on separate tickets, even if all flights are on oneworld carriers. It isnt that the carrier's cant do it - they dont have to.

    It is weird that they couldnt book it as one ticket - BA award pricing is per segment anyway.
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