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Reader Reviews: Trips & Tips Avianca Lounge SJU Quick Review

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Jacob McCarthy, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. Jacob McCarthy

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    This is just a quick review and my comments on the Avianca Lounge operated by Global Lounge. There won't be really any pictures due to my lack of taking them, and that the ones already out on the internet are far better and more detailed than what I could achieve. I recommend checking out the pictures on LoungeBuddy:

    To access this lounge I followed followed signs to Terminal C, the terminal my American Airlines flight to O'hare was operated out of. Then, there was a large sign pointing out an elevator on the right. Taking this elevator brings you to a bare hallway and a door to the lounge.

    The entrance to this lounge features tons of blue LED lightning. At first I think this is going to be an actually nice lounge. I accessed the lounge through Priority Pass (Amex Platinum), but also had one guest. I informed the lounge agent this and I was told that if I was an elite member of an airline, I could bring the guest in by paying $20 directly to the lounge. I decided on this instead of paying for a guest through Priority Pass for $27.

    After walking through a brief hallway, I was in the main room of the lounge. This featured many tables, a bar, and some chairs and couches near the window. The bar wasn't actually a staffed bar, just a bar which you could walk behind to get drinks in the fridges. There was also a side room with some more chairs and couches in it, but this section was full when I arrived. I took a seat in one of the chairs near the windows. This was really the only place in the lounge that had any seating. The rest of the lounge was packed.

    I next decided to check out the food setup. There was a small self-service setup on each side of the main room. Unfortunately, the food offered was pretty crappy. Offered was some Ritz Crackers, tortilla chips, nuts, cheese, and a few other things. I tried some of this "cheese" and it was the worst cheese I have ever had. It tasted like plastic.

    I next checked out the drinks offered which was located behind the bar. Here was probably the only thing better than a typical Admirals Club I am used to. There were beers, Coke products, and water. I'm so used to Admirals Clubs not having free cans of soda that I was actually surprised here.

    Around this point, the lounge was emptying out so I decided to check out the rest of the small areas. One of these areas was a kids room with toys and games in it. Another was a small room which a few lounger chairs in it. After being in the lounge for around an hour and a half, I decided I wanted to check out the airport for a bit before my departing flight so I left the lounge.

    This lounge is "okay."
    This lounge is in no means great, but it is the only lounge in the airport. I am still deciding if it beats the normal terminal though.

    Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my short review. :)

    Update: This lounge is categorized under "Restaurant" for credit card category.
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