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3 F seats to Seychelles?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by paterwdb, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. paterwdb

    paterwdb Reader

    It looks like both Emirates and Etihad have good options from the East Coast to the Seychelles.

    My question is this: I want to plan a trip in about two years, and 3 of us want to go in one of their F products over to the Seychelles connecting through either hub.
    1. Which is most likely to still have F product through the current redemption options? I know that's like asking for a crystal ball, but sometimes there are clear signs that one program might be fading or leaving (e.g., will Alaska continue to offer F in Emirates in the next couple of years?).

    2. Which is the best way to stack the points using new credit card apps and spend?

    3. Would it ever be possible to snag 3 seats? I know they often appear in pairs, but haven't heard much about people trying to redeem for 3 seats.

    4. Is SPG just the safest option since programs change and they seem the most steady? We may need at least another credit card boost or two to get to the 200K per ticket within a year.

    I'm grateful for any counsel friends.
  2. Mr WD

    Mr WD New Member

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    I have this exact same question. (Proof that I actually check the archives before posting new questions!) OP, did you find an answer?

    JFK-XXX-SEZ, looking for 3 seats in F or 2 in F and one in J if we have to.

    I can do EK or EY and have enough points across the major currencies to handle tickets through either JAL or EY directly.

    With flexible dates, I can get 2 seats now in F on either carrier. I'm wondering which is a better option for a 3rd seat opening sometime again?

    Anyone have experience or thoughts?